February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day Look

Can you believe that in only two days it will be Valentine’s Day?  I mean where does the time go it feels like we were just saying Happy New Year to each other.  But nonetheless it’s here again and I will be sharing a look I love when I want to look good but not be to dressed up.




So to know me is to know that I love a look that I don’t have to fuss over that’s both simple and chic all at the same time.  Another plus is when I find everything I need right in my own closet without having to make a purchase.  As much as I love any day that celebrates love, I don’t feel the need to have to buy something for Valentine’s  but it’s ok if that’s what you like to do and it makes you feel good.  But maybe think about looking in your closet first because I guarantee you have something you forgot about that you wore one time and this would be the perfect opportunity to style it again differently.


I did decide to wear some red which were these pants that I wore one time before and you can see how I styled them in this post.  My favorite thing about these pants that I stated in my previous post as well is the ruffle detailing along the pockets.  They fit well, look great and look more expensive than what I actually paid for them which was around $18 from Primark.  


 Top(Forever21) Alternative  here  | Pants(Primark) Alternative  here  | Shoes(old)

Top(Forever21) Alternative here | Pants(Primark) Alternative here | Shoes(old)

I paired them with this cute fitted cream colored ruffled top that was…you guest it out of my closet of course!  For accessories I kept it simple with a four  layered  necklace and for my shoes I wore my nude patent leather heels.  It’s all in the details and this look was chic and not a lot of fuss to put together because the work was already done for me with both the pants and top.  I love to remix a look and pair it with other pieces and when you have the right items it makes it that much easier to do.  Your Valentine’s Day look may already be in your closet like mine was you just have to take so time and think outside the box.


Share your thoughts on Valentine’s Day looks and if you buy something new or remix your looks from your closet.  

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