November 20, 2017

How To Style A Statement Jacket



Jacket season is here and there are some many different fashion choices and silhouettes to choose from, and we sometimes want to indulge in them all.  Investing in at least two statement jackets is a great place to start that will be versatile enough to work with what you already have in your wardrobe.  This military inspired jacket is so well structured and fits my body like a glove, but without being too tight making me feel uncomfortable.  It should not be too loose fitting because this will tend to make it look like it doesn’t fit well and give the illusion of being to bulky.  This jacket is made by Kenar and was purchased at a thrift store and was in great condition.  If you want to invest in more than one jacket and on a strict budget try a thrift store and be strategic in looking for well made jackets looking at the lining and stitching quality making sure that it’s not falling apart or looking poorly made.  The detailing of this jacket includes the military inspired buttons, two front pockets and the stitching design along the bottom of the sleeves and on the sides of the jacket.  This is a classic ageless piece that will be able to be worn for years to come.




I went with an all black look adding a pop of color to pull everything together.  Black pants are so classic and I thought this was the best choice for the look I was going for, but you could also do jeans with this jacket as well.  My first accessory is a black hat, now I’m a huge fan of hats and I believe they transform a look taking your outfit up a notch.  Metallic is definitely trending right now and these booties simply complete this outfit with just the right amount of pop of color.  Now if you didn’t want to do silver metallic booties you could opt for gold or do a red or even white bootie.  Even a heel in any of these colors would be a great alternative.  My last accessory was a silver metallic clutch, it’s just the right size and worked perfect with the booties.  This look can be worn from day to night for any event that calls for a casual chic look.  Check out the jacket alternatives I have listed below.

 Jacket (Thrift) Alternatives  here  | Hat (Forever 21) | Booties ( Asos )

Jacket (Thrift) Alternatives here | Hat (Forever 21) | Booties ( Asos )


Comment on what is your favorite jacket this season and thank you for stopping by!

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