October 30, 2017

Three Ways To Wear Fashionable Track Pants

   Styling Fashionable Track Pants


Track pants have become very popular over the last few years.  They’re definitely not your going to the gym track pants.  So versatile, fun and easy to style.




These pants from New York and Company are very lightweight and super comfortable.  They have great stretch to them with an elastic waist giving plenty of breathing room.  The white stripe along the leg of the pants gives just the perfect amount of structure without looking trendy.  The pockets on the sides and the make shift ones on the back of the pants are in added bonus to these pants.


1. WHITE RUFFLE TOP                                      


This is a very easy pulled  together look with this ruffle top.  All of the details of the ruffles along the side of the sleeves and along the back of the top is the statement piece of this look.  It has great elasticity which gives a fitted feel and look to the top, but not to tight.  I paired white booties with the look which balances the white top and the stripe on the pants themselves which helps to add height to your frame.

  Top  |  Pants  |  Boots

Top | Pants | Boots




You don’t have to overcomplicate your look, it’s ok to keep things simple.  I paired a black bodysuit and white blazer for a more sexy chic look.  Play around with different textures, this bodysuit is a velour material and blends perfectly for the overall more dressed up look.

  Bodysuit  |  Blazer  (Alternative) |  Pants  |  Boots

Bodysuit | Blazer (Alternative) | Pants | Boots




This outfit puts a different spin to the look from the above look by switching out the blazer for a denim jacket, adding a graphic baseball cap and changing the booties to a black pair.  Now the velour bodysuit has a more sporty chic look by adding a denim jacket that dresses it down, yet still sexy.  The baseball cap is fun and flirty with “Slay” written on the front.  A fun look for a night out with the girl’s or your significant other!

  Bodysuit  |  Denim Jacket  (Alternative) |  Pants  |  Boots  (Alternative) |  Hat  (Alternative)

Bodysuit | Denim Jacket (Alternative) | Pants | Boots (Alternative) | Hat (Alternative)


Please don’t hesitate to ask me question and thank you for stopping by!




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