November 6, 2017

How To Style: A Bow Blouse



A bow blouse is very feminine and classy and really just makes any look more polished.  They’re super versatile giving you the option of many wardrobe looks.  What I love the most is that no one bow blouse is the same, they come in many textures, colors, and styles.  I found this white blouse from Primark, unfortunately they don’t show everything they sell on their website so if you have one in your city you may have to pay them a visit to see what they have.  The detailing gives it a nice touch and the v-neck allows the bow to lay right on your bare skin.




The pants were also from Primark and I wanted to add a pop of color as a contrast to the white blouse, so I decided to go with red.  Because the blouse has the detailing I think it’s important not to have the rest of the look to busy, keep it simple.  There is small ruffle stitching along the sides of the front pockets, still giving a clean polished look that doesn’t take away from the blouse.  This look is so flirty and fun and I love that it’s just enough sexiness without being too much.




I really love that this look can be worn for daytime and in the evening.  I know the blouse is see through, so depending on the culture of your work environment you can wear a blazer so that it’s not so revealing and still look professional.  As I stated above this type of blouse is versatile so you can wear it with jeans, skirts, or under a dress creating unique and interesting looks.  Denim on denim is another great option, I think it’s’ nothing better than a denim bow blouse but I’m bias because I’m such a denim lover.  This is a great wardrobe staple to own in your closet that you will definitely have in rotation.

 Blouse (Primark) Alternatives  here  | Pants (Primark) Alternatives  here  | Bag (Primark)

Blouse (Primark) Alternatives here | Pants (Primark) Alternatives here | Bag (Primark)


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