August 11, 2017

Summer Baseball Hat And Metallic Top

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking full advantage of the summer and wearing some of my favorite pieces before it comes to an end.  It always feels like I look up and realize I haven’t worn something I like either at all or only once.  That’s how I feel about this summer baseball cap that I absolutely love!


I’m such a huge fan of hats, I believe they can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary giving a whole new look.  When it comes to hats, baseball hats are my number one go to everytime.  No surprise that I’m wearing a baseball hat with this outfit and in my favorite color pink of course.  This hat was gifted to me by a great small business called Natural Born Hats, run by girl bosses who understand that we as women don’t only wear hats because of a bad hair day, but any day we want to just look fly.  Now what makes this hat so great is that it’s all satin material, leaving my hair and scalp moisturized under the hat.  They have so many protective designs to choose from you will be sure to find one you love.


I paired this baseball hat with my silver metallic top which I believe is a great play on the two colors, not overpowering one for the other. Silver metallic is one of those colors that can work as a neutral when paired with a lighter softer color.  I also wore white boyfriend jeans and white sandals.  Casual chic is what I would call this look and is a great way to look pulled together and not overdressed for day or night.  If you want to be a little more casual then pair it with some flat sandals or a fresh pair of white sneakers.  A white blazer is also a great add-on to this look.  However you choose to style it, make sure your hat is the center of attention.  


What I’m Wearing: Baseball Hat (Natural Born Hats) | Jeans (Primark) | Top (Forever21) Alternative here

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