February 28, 2017

Jean DIY

Jeans without question are a staple in my wardrobe and I could wear them everyday, and sometimes I do exactly that.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I want to add a little pizzaz to my look which inclined me to do a jean diy.  Now DIY-ing has been around for years and many clothing brands at one point and time have given us a version of their own.  Well I’ve decided that I wanted to incorporate my personalized touch and do my own jean diy.

I took a pair of jeans right out of my closet that I wanted to use for this fun diy.  We all have jeans in our closets so choose a pair that you don’t mind experimenting own maybe a pair that you don’t find yourself wearing all the time, but you still like to wear.  I actually had two pairs of the same jeans so it was a no-brainer for me. 

I went to my local JoAnn fabric and craft store and picked up iron on appliques for my jean diy.  Generally anywhere that sells fabric will also carry appliques, so whatever store that is for you go check out their selection.  JoAnn’s had a wide selection to pick from and it took me a minute to narrow down my choice.  My picks were colorful peace signs that came in a pack of seven and mini silver crosses that came in a pack of four.  

Be mindful that the appliques are the ironed on ones, they should have an iron symbol on the package.  I almost made this mistake and picked up one that you had to sew on.  So unless you don’t mind sewing carry on, otherwise look for the iron which is my preference I like to keep things simple.

The instructions were simple to follow which I loved so you won’t need to be worried.  An iron and a pressing cloth is all you need to get started.  I didn’t have a pressing cloth, so I improvised and used an old polyester pillow case which worked just as good.

It really was just that simple to make my jean diy fit my personality and style.  Make it unique to what you like and add some fun to your look while not having to break the bank.


 What fun appliques would you want to use to create your own jean diy?  

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