January 10, 2017

11 Fabulous Ways To Host A Clothing Swap Party

I’m sure every woman has some clothing or accessories in their closet that’s in great condition but is collecting dust because it’s not being worn.  Now you know your not alone when it comes to clothes not being worn, your girlfriends do it too, which is why having a clothing swap party would be the perfect solution to upgrade your closet, clear out the clutter and not have to spend a dime.  I have 11 fabulous ways to host a clothing swap party.  

      1.   Include friends with similar taste and sizes. You want to make sure everyone will have a good variety of clothing to pick from and be in their size. 

      2. Serve some light refreshments such as cheese and crackers, deviled eggs and fruit.   You’ll have just enough on your tummy to be prepared for the swapping activities. 

      3. Host your swap at the end of the season when people are generally cleaning out their closets and looking to get new pieces to add to their wardrobes.   Sending out an Evite at least a month in advance will give guests time to prepare and go through their wardrobe to let go of everything they no longer wear or can fit.

      4. Determine what the minimum and maximum amount of items each person can bring and stick to this amount.   This way you can make sure that there’s enough quality clothing and accessories to trade, but not so much stuff that it would be overwhelming for your friends.  

      5. Allow only things that are in good condition that have been washed, ironed or dry cleaned.   Remind your guests in the invitation to make sure that all pockets have been checked and no clothes should have rips or holes in them. 

      6.  Add accessories to the lineup(such as shoes, scarfs, hats, handbags and jewelry).   This way everyone can find something that fits.

      7. Create a specific room in your home that will be used to set up all the items.   Use a clothing rack to hang up jackets, skirts, dresses and pants.  Use a table to display all sweaters, tops, handbags and jewelry to give it a boutique like feel.  All shoes can be displayed neatly lined up under the table for a clear view.

      8. Designate one room for changing and have two full length mirrors available for trying on clothes.  Advise your guests to make sure they have on proper undergarments when trying items on since they will be in a group setting.  Even a bodysuit may be a good idea for anyone that may feel uncomfortable changing around other people.

      9. Make sure the ground rules are set in place to make   sure the  swapping goes smoothly.    Place all tickets in a bowl and the persons number that’s slected will have five minutes to pick one item per session to keep things moving.  If two friends both are eyeing the same item do a coin flip and may the best friend win. 

      10. Have your friends bring extra bags to the clothes swap party.    This way you will be free from supplying any bags for all the goodies that they go home with. 

      11. Donate to a local charity.    The Salvation, Dress for Success or Goodwill would appreciate and could use the overflow from your friends that was not selected.


Do you think clothing swap parties are a fun thing to do with friends?  




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