January 3, 2017

How To Prepare Your Work Wardrobe For The Week in 30 Minutes

I can’t believe that it’s 2017 and this is my first blog post for the new year!  With a new year comes a reset button on the things we want to change or do more of what will better our quality of living and take up less of our time.  One thing that may have been eating away at your time was not being prepared with what to wear to work for your week day. 

Standing in front of your closet every morning thinking that outfit is just going to jump out at you is time wasted and it ain’t going to happen(Sorry to break it to you).  The best thing you can do to save a lot of time and frustration is to plan ahead for your looks for the work week.  It’s not a hard process and in the end you’ll be happy that you took the time to prepare and execute. 

My favorite day to prepare my looks for the week is Sunday.  This is usually my relaxed day that I can take my time and then have the rest of the day to myself.  Just spending 30 minutes in your closet will have you fully ready for the work week and not worry about repeating the same look twice. 

                 Simple Steps To Follow:

1. Think about what you work week entails. Do you have any important meetings?  A dinner date?  After work meet up with friends?  

2. Make sure all your clothes have been washed or dry cleaned in advanced. 

3. Take a look at the weather for the week using the application on your phone, this way your ready for what the elements will be and still look great. 

4. You want to start laying out the wardrobe pieces you will need. 

          • Two pair of pants    

          • Pair of jeans

          • One skirt

          • One dress  

          • Three tops

This way you can have a variety to choose from.  When selecting your wardrobe pieces be sure to try and mix different prints, fabrics, and colors.  If you go with a black pair of pants keep in mind you can wear them again during the week with a different top and accessories and no one would be the wiser.  I know most companies have casual Fridays allowing you to wear jeans.  I recommend that you do a dark denim with no holes or ripes in them.  You want to maintain a neat polished look that’s still appropriate for the work place. 

5. Match all your accessories with your wardrobe looks and pick the shoes of your choice.  Keep it simple with your shoe selection and when in doubt black, nude, navy, gold and silver always works. 

6. Select a blazer, cardigan, denim jacket, or sweater for each outfit if your office tends to be on the colder side or for when you have other plans after work. 

Preparing for your work week by choosing your looks in advance will save you loads of time and makes getting up in the morning a lot easier when you know all your outfits have been completed. No more rushing in the morning for you anymore! 


How do you plan your wardrobe for the work week and what say works best for you to prepare? 

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