February 14, 2017

Women Supporting Women Candlelight and Conversation

Neffi Walker and Nicole Sanford Speakers at Candlelight and Conversation


I love being in a room of like minded women that empower one another and I had the opportunity of doing just that over the weekend.  The event I attended was Candlelight and Conversation in Upper Montclair, New Jersey and the theme for this event was to have an intimate conversation about love, family and business.  The beautiful hostesses for women supporting each other was Neffi Walker, owner of design firm Le Noir Home and Nicole Sanford co owner of an online clothing boutique called House of Chic LA.  


My reason for making this two hour trip was mainly due to Nicole who I have been following on Instagram for quite some time now and who has always come off as very authentic.  Now I know in the world of social media people aren’t always who they claim to be, but this definitely was not the case with Nicole.  She is incredibly real and open about her life and the struggles she has endured while building her brand.  She was my friend in my head because she was so relatable and I was pleasantly surprised that she met those expectations.

 Nicole Sanford Co-Owner of House of Chic LA online clothing boutique

Nicole Sanford Co-Owner of House of Chic LA online clothing boutique


Now Neffi was not someone I followed or even knew about until this event came about and Nicole raved about her. So I checked her out on Instagram and liked what I saw.  She was a petite beauty in person but was a force to be reckoned with in a good way.  She shared her love of her children and recent break up and how that affected her currently.  Needless to say I was in awe of this woman and her natural ability to draw you in and make you feel like you matter.

 Myself, Neffi Walker Owner of design firm Le Noir Home and Nicole of House of Chic LA

Myself, Neffi Walker Owner of design firm Le Noir Home and Nicole of House of Chic LA


This was a day of sisterhood and communication that empowered everyone in that room of 100 beautiful women.  The platform was open so any topic that was brought up everyone who wanted to chime in and speak had the chance to do so.  I was amazed at how many of the same things as women we are all struggling with and trying to get answers to these problems.  This setting was perfect because we were all able to bond with each other and hear how we managed to get through certain obstacles so that each one of us could apply it to our own personal growth.


We laughed, some of us cried but we all were able to bond during those four hours and make connections that could last for a lifetime.  Each woman in that room including myself could relate to at least one or all topics about self care, love, relationships, children, and business.  I left feeling empowered and encouraged to continue to go after my dreams and not give up.  When you have other like minded women who keep you motivated and support you there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish.


Let’s not overlook another important part of this day, my outfit for this event in which I decided to go with red in honor of Valentine‚Äôs Day!  I got this dress from H&M and it was flirty and perfect this for mid day event. The flowers on the dress is what caught my attention along with the plunged neckline.   I paired it with some black laced up booties that completed the look.  The only accessory I added was a ring and my earrings, the dress spoke for itself and didn’t need much.

 Booties Kendall + Kyle:  here  H&M Dress:  here

Booties Kendall + Kyle: here H&M Dress: here


What group of women do you look up to or can go to that supports you and makes you feel empowered?  


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