March 19, 2018

The One Dress Perfect For Every Body Type

If it’s one thing that I love, it’s a dress that looks good and fits me well.  As women we’re always looking for that dress that’s flattering and makes us feel good.  The fit-and flare dress does just that and it’s versatile enough that it can be worn to almost any occasion.  And in case you’re wondering, it’s called fit-and flare because it mimic’s an hourglass shape even if you have a different body shape all together.  This dress is a most in your closet and I will show you how I styled mine.




Ok, so can we just get into how fabulous this flared dress is.  Make no mistakes this is a head turner without question. This beauty is called the “Fierce Flare Dress”, from Eve Lawrence Boutique and I simply love it.  Here on the east coast we’re still getting chilly weather, so I decided to pair this dress with my black booties and I topped it off with my favorite beret hat.  If your not scared to show some leg, this is the perfect look for you. It comes above the knee in the front and is long in the back which gives it that dramatic flared look.  That waist is cinched for the gods as you can see by how I tied the belt all the way around my waist. And let’s not sleep on the cuffed self tie sleeves and collar neckline, this dress is definitely a keeper.  

 Dress( Eve Lawrence Boutique ) | Booties( Chicopolitan ) | Beret(Forever21) | Sandals(old)

Dress( Eve Lawrence Boutique ) | Booties( Chicopolitan ) | Beret(Forever21) | Sandals(old)


I love it when a piece transitions into a another season, and since Spring is right around the corner this dress will move right into the warmer weather easily.  All I did was replace the booties with a pair of my favorite sandals and ditched the beret. The dress really speaks for itself so there’s not much you have to do in regards to accessories or your shoe choice, just keep it simple and chic.  It’s great dressed up or down so have fun with it and I guarantee it will become your go-to dress for many occasions to come.




Here are a few tips to make you feel like a million bucks in your fit-and-flare dresses that you have in your closet.


  1. Grab yourself a coat, and wear it over your shoulders for the ultimate street style look. It can be a trench, boxy, or a dress coat.

  2. Wear a cropped sweater over the dress. This gives you a new look and allows the dress to function as a skirt.

  3. Try wearing a V-neck cardigan with your dress, this pairing is timeless.  

  4. Wear a sleeveless collared shirt under your sleeved dresses.

  5. Wear a long-sleeved shirt under your sleeves dress.


Share your thoughts on styling this all-time favorite look in the comments.

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