May 12, 2017

How To Restyle A Sexy Dress

Have you ever had an item in your closet that you love, but don’t get a chance to wear it alot?  Well that’s me when it comes to one of my sexy dresses I purchased from bebe(Which is now going out of business) many years ago.  I decided that since I don’t wear it a lot why not restyle it to get more use out of it and still keep it sexy chic!


The dress has a bohemian feel to it with that somewhat wrinkled wave look and a very deep v-neck, along with two side splits.  It’s also a slight bit see through so I definitely made sure to wear the right color bra underneath so I wouldn’t be showing all my goodies.  Now to keep the front of the dress rated PG I used Hollywood Fashion Tape to keep the front secure and less revealing.  Then I paired it with my jeans that I rolled up at the bottom with some cute blinged out sandals.  This kept the look sexy but not overly sexy if I was attending a daytime event that required me to be dressed up casual yet chic or going on a date night with my significant other.


I also think this dress is perfect when you’re traveling to somewhere warm and wear it over your bathing suit or with a pair of jean shorts underneath.  Restyling is a great inexpensive way to wear things you already own in your closet and put a different style twist to them.


What I’m Wearing: bebe dress (old) | Alternative here | Jeans (old) | shoes (old)


Comment below if you ever restyled something sexy you own and how did you style it?


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