September 8, 2017

Cute Off Jean Shorts And Blouse

Hello Dolls!  If it’s one thing that is a staple and go to in my closet are jeans.  I’m the ultimate jean girl and wear them frequently in my day to day.  During the warmer weather, I like a shorter version which would be cut off jeans.


These jeans were one of my favorites but after wearing them for several years I no longer liked the way they looked so I decided to do a diy on them and cut them into shorts.  I decided to pair them with a long sleeve blouse and sandals.  To me this is a fun casual look that you can wear anytime, whether on a  date or hanging out with friends and if heels aren’t your thing wear a pair of flats that are decorative that can be your accessory to this look.  I kept my colors neutral for the blouse and sandals and added some show stopper earrings I received from Conscious Statement, a jewelry boutique that sells statement pieces.


 Ladies we all have jeans that are just sitting in our closets that for whatever reason we don’t wear often or not at all.  Try going through each pair and take some time to make your own shorts.  I made my pair just above my knee, but cut yours to whatever length you’re comfortable with and create the look that you want.  Because jeans are so versatile I would still wear mine during the fall and winter months by pairing them with over the knee socks and tights when it’s colder along with boots.  I would also add more layering pieces to my look like a blazer or leather jacket.  It’s a simple look that you can be creative with because jeans go with everything whether you’re dressed up or down!


What I’m Wearing: Jeans (old) DIY | Blouse (Forever21) | Earrings (Conscious Statement) | Sandals (old)


Comment on how you style your jeans and thank you for stopping by!

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