March 21, 2017

7 Things To Never Wear To Work

Spring is here and I’m so excited to start peeling off some layers for the anticipation of warmer weather.  This got me thinking about the work place and some no no’s that we as ladies should not be doing ever, but especially when the temperature is about to have us showing more skin.  I came up with a list of 7 things you should never wear to work no matter what the job is.

Sheer or See Through – I don’t care what it is, this is never alright to take a chance and test the boundaries of your work place wearing something people can see right through.  Even if you work in a fashion based industry stay away from sheer clothing, period.

Short Romper – Trust me when I tell you that no one will take you serious showing up to work in this look, and don’t be surprised if you get pulled to the side about what you’re wearing.  It’s important to dress the part if you want to gain respect and be professional.

Sneakers – Unless you work at Foot Locker, this is not a good look.  I’m all about the new trend right now with sneakers but let’s keep this look outside of work. The only exception to this rule is if your job has elected a special day in the office where sneakers were allowed as part of a casual dress down day.

Off The Shoulder Top – Now I love a great off the shoulder top all day long just like the next girl, but you would not catch me wearing one to work.  They can come off as being sexy and casual all at the same time, which you may want to be more covered up in an office environment.

Hats – I’m such a lover of hats, that listing this one was hard for me, but they should be worn outside of work.  You stick out like a sore thumb wearing one when nobody else is and makes you look out of place.  If you’re not running your own business and can wear a hat all day long for fashion purposes or otherwise, leave it at home.

Crop Tops – Save these for hanging out with friends and keeping it casual on those fun days! Nobody wants to see your belly button all day long prancing around work, trust me on this one.

Hoodie – Even on dress down Fridays that some companies have, hoodies are not an option.  Unless you’re running errands, going to a sporting event or just one of those I don’t feel like getting dress days, step away from the hoodie, it looks unprofessional.

Now I understand that everyone’s work culture may be different and some more casual than others and just keep in mind these are just a few things I feel should not be worn to work in a office setting.  If you’re looking for some outfit ideas for work you can check out my post here where I share some looks.  

Tell me what are some things you feel should never be worn to work?    

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