April 18, 2019

3 Ways On How To Style A Pleated Skirt For Spring

Pleated skirts are one of my favorite pieces to wear.  They have so much versatility and can be worn all year round.  Currently with us being in the spring season we all know how fickle the weather can be and more times than not it’s still a little chilly, so I came up with three looks on how to style a pleated skirt for spring for those cooler days.  It easily transitions from winter to spring so you can restyle the skirt with other looks and I’m going to show you how I styled the same skirt three different ways to give you ideas on what you can pair it with.

Here are my three ways to style a pleated skirt.

Look One: A White Tee and Sneakers

If you’re looking for a casual vibe, a t-shirt is the perfect choice. A plain t-shirt may seem common, but you can make the look your own creating the perfect casual vibe for your personal style. I paired the t-shirt with a denim jacket which you can’t go wrong with and added my accessories which consisted of a necklace and patent leather baseball cap.  Of course to complete the outfit I wore sneakers it’s casual yet chic for running errands or a daytime meetup with your girlfriends.

Look Two: Tube Top and Crop Blazer

A tube top is a fun piece that’s sexy but not too sexy if you want to wear it as a work look.  I added this crop blazer with detailed shoulders on the sleeve of the jacket that gives it some edginess but any blazer works well with this look and depending on the color of your pleated skirt you could always add some color to your blazer.  This dressed up yet approachable look will make you the style queen in the office and can instantly transport you to night, either way you’ll be ready and stylish.

Look Three: A Sweatshirt

 Skirt ( Pynk Mannequin)   T-shirt, Tube Top, Sweatshirt (old)

Skirt ( Pynk Mannequin) T-shirt, Tube Top, Sweatshirt (old)

A sweatshirt is a great option to wear with a pleated skirt on those chilly days in spring that’s just enough without being to heavy and can be worn without a jacket.  As you can see my sweatshirt has spike like details on the entire sleeves which is fun and flirty. Now your sweatshirt doesn’t have to have any designs but it can be fun and if you like the oversized look I think that’s another great option when it comes to a sweatshirt so that it’s not basic.  I went with a casual chic look wearing the skirt and sweatshirt with heeled open toe booties. Accessorize the outfit to match your mood.

A pleated skirt is great because you can make it look like an everyday essential and not feel overdressed. It is something you should have in your closet as it comes in handy on days when you are not in the mood to fully doll up but have to be somewhere and these looks will have you springtime ready when there’s still a cool breeze in the air. Are you a fan of it? Let me know any other innovative ways to wear a pleated skirt by dropping in a text in the comments below. And thank you for stopping by.

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