May 31, 2017

How To Style A Lace Dress With Jeans

I can’t say that I own a lot of lace in my wardrobe but the pieces I do have I absolutely love.  So when I came across this black lace dress I decided I needed to see how it would compliment what I already had in my closet.  And low and behold it was a perfect match with another favorite of mine, my jeans.


Now keep in mind this black lace dress is all see through, so the only way it would be worn by me would be with something underneath.  Lately I have been having a love for pairing dresses and jeans together and you can see these other looks on my previous post here and here.  The length of the dress was actually longer than I thought it would be so what I did was tie one side of the dress into a knot which helped to lift the dress up a bit from dragging on the ground when I walked, plus it gave it some edge to the overall look.  


I also took a halter top that I had from another top and worn it underneath so that my chest was not showing and this worked perfectly.  My jeans I rolled up slightly and paired them with some sandals and because I’m crazy for hats I topped it off with my white and black fedora.  This dress to me has just the right of sexy that can be worn during the daytime and not just as an evening look simply because it’s lace.  I would even pair it with a denim jacket, blazer or bomber  to add another layer to the look.


What I’m Wearing: Lace Dress (old) Alternative here | Jeans (old) | Hat (old) Alternative here


Share your thoughts on a lace dress and if you would style one?

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