November 29, 2016

5 Tips To Building An Organized Closet

When you open your closet do you see disorder, nothing is where you can find it, and you always feel like you have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes?  Well trust me your not alone we all have been there, but the key to this cycle of clutter is to simplify and organize your closet.  I’m sharing five tips that will help you get organized and make your closet a place you enjoy!

1. Put like with like: Put like pieces together so that they are cohesive and easy to find such as jackets all together, shirts, pants, skirts etc.  This takes the guess work out of where to locate them because they will be all in one place. 

2. Fold sweaters: The best thing to do with sweaters is to fold them and not place them on a hanger.  It doesn’t matter how nice you think the hanger is, over time you will get those shoulder bubbles, as I like to call them that will ruin them.  So take the time to fold your sweaters.

3. Store off season items with care: For your clothes that are not in season it’s important to store them away.  Make sure any items that may need to be washed or dry cleaned is done first.  Buying storage bins that can be stored in your closet or if you have limited space they fit great under the bed out of sight.

4. Use uniform hangers: Using uniform hangers gives your closet a clean look.  I can’t express enough how much better your closet looks when there’s not different sizes and colors of hangers.  Just think about when you go in your favorite boutique you love, you always see clean, neat, uniform hangers.

5. Use the one-in/one-out policy:  So your closet is full and your still making purchases.  Think about replacing some of your cheaper items in your closet with one investment or classic piece.  Or if you have items that aren’t being worn think about selling, donate, or throw them out this way the new pieces being added to your wardrobe replaces the clothes not being worn. 


I hope when your ready these tips will help you get your closet in tip top shape! 

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