August 21, 2017

Simply Stylish In All White

Hey Dolls!


The summer is still going strong and I want to continue to make the most out of it before the season starts to change.  I’m all about a great all white outfit, it just gives off such a crisp and fresh look that I love.  In the last year I really started being more into wearing white and adding it to my wardrobe.  These pants and lace top definitely was a no brainer as the perfect simple all white outfit.


This look for me is simplicity at its finest, and breaking down this look the lace top is girly and classy all at the same time.  Because the top is all lace I wore a flesh colored bra underneath that was closest to my skin tone.  The lace adds a great touch to the white pants that have a little flare bottom to them. I purchased this outfit last year with the intent that I would have somewhere to rock it and because this is a simple look it’s not trendy so it won’t be out of style whenever I wear it.


What’s also great is if you wanted to switch the lace top you could for a camisole, crop top or barlette to give different looks based on the event that you would be attending.  You will still have a clean look that’s classy and not jeopardize your personal style.  Also you don’t have to just do a top and pants, you can wear a white dress, jumpsuit or a skirt and fitted bodysuit, the options are endless to keep a simple yet stylish all white look.  And on a personal note I don’t believe in the no white after Labor Day rule, if you like it keep wearing it and when the season changes to cooler weather opt for off white styles.


What I’m Wearing: Top and Pant (E.SSUE) Alternative here


Comment and share your thoughts on all white looks, thanks for stopping by!

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