April 17, 2017

How To Look Cute:Printed Dress And Jeans

Hey dolls! So recently I decided that I wanted to wear this printed dress I bought last year and never wore. When I went to try it on for some reason I didn’t recall it being just a wee bit shorter than what I remembered. Let’s just say that if a swift wind came past it would be a good idea to have a pair of spanks on! With that being said I decided that this dress would be cute pairing it with jeans giving the perfect casual look.

I’m so in love with the different prints on this dress along with the vertical and horizontal lines that all work beautifully together. I don’t do a lot of prints, but I was so drawn to this one, that I stepped out of my normal solid colors and took a chance on something different. I also liked how this dress has a loose flowing fit so it fits well with having jeans underneath without being bulky.

I decided to pair this printed dress with an open toe bootie and rolled the jeans to give that chic yet casual look. This is a dress that I know I will wear into the fall and pair with faux leather pants and a jacket to give it a totally different look. No matter your style just remember there is always a way to make a look work for you and your personal style.

Share your comments on how you would wear a dress with jeans?

Dress:(old) Jeans:(Levi’s) Boots:(old)

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